Family applications are divided into two categories:
Immediate relatives and other close family members.
Immediate relatives of United States (U.S.) citizens are given special preferential treatment in that there are no limits on the number of immediate relatives that may immigrate and just as importantly, there are no backlogs in the immediate relative category.
An immediate relative is:

  1. Spouses of U.S. Citizens;
  2. Children of U.S. Citizens, if the child is unmarried and under 21; and
  3. Parents of U.S. Citizens, if the child has attained the age of 21.

The other family members who do not qualify as immediate relatives may apply under the family-sponsor immigration. The backlog for these categories varies depending on the category and the country of origin. Please call for a full review of your family petition. In spite of the delay, it is best to get in line NOW!